Serves 5-10 15-20 30-40

Cheese and Crackers
assorted crackers with pepperoni, cubed swiss, cheddar, provolone and spicy mustard




Fresh Fruit Platter
cantaloupe, red & white grapes, pineapple, strawberries

$40  $80 $120 

Vegetable Platter
broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers with ranch dressing

$35  $60  $100 

Cold Cut Platter
assorted deli meats & cheeses with lettuce tomato, hard rolls & condiments 

$50  $90  $150 

Italian Cold Cut Platter
assorted Italian deli meats & cheeses with lettuce, tomato, hard rolls and condiments 

$60  $110  $160 

Sandwich Platter (Cold)
A variety of meats, cheeses & breads with lettuce, tomato, chips, pickles & condiments served on the side

$50  $90  $175 

Assorted Specialty Sandwich Platter (Hot)
assorted platter of our famous hot specialty sandwiches served with chips & pickles

$60  $100  $185 

Assorted Wrap Platter
turkey, ham, roast beef, lettuce and tomato served with assorted cheeses rolled in a flour tortilla (balsamic, caesar & greek wraps optional)Includes chips & pickles. (
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with basil & balsamic vinaigrette)

$55  $100  $175 

Party Subs (by the foot)
made with any combination of our deli meats & cheeses with lettuce, tomato & dressing on the side

Italian Mix

Burrito Platter
choice of beef, chicken, steak or veggie with rice, refried or black beans, cheddar cheese served with fresh salsa, sour cream and chopped lettuce

$60  $105  $185 

Hummus and Pita Platter
fresh homemade hummus served with warm pita bread

$35  $55  $90 

Roasted Vegetable Platter
balsamic marinated oven roasted green & red pepper, red onion, green & yellow squash, asparagus  

$40  $75  $125