YNN - Hidden Gems, Off Broadway

Post Time at SaratogaSARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. – It’s a common sight: the crowds, clamor and cuisine of downtown Saratoga. But how about going off the beaten path and putting the "Broadway blinders" away today? Just a few "lengths" away from the track is a shop with some hometown flavor.

They own the Spring Street Deli and Pizzeria now, but growing up, Brian Brumley and Anthony Gargano worked at the track. That, combined with a dream of homemade food from the heart, brought about their racing creations! Among them, the Secretariat, the Jim Dandy, the Man-o-war, Rachel Alexandra and the Sea Biscuit, which is given a strong endorsement. Brumley admitted, “The Sea Biscuit's my favorite. Blackened chicken and cheddar cheese and homemade cajun sauce we make, it's delicious.”

He added, “We’re original. There’s nobody like us on Broadway.”

The range of their food is vast, with the expected sandwiches and pizza, as in the name of their eatery. They also have more Mexican-influenced cuisine, such as quesadillas. When asked about the diversity, Brumley said, “We serve to every age. We serve to kids to businessmen to construction workers in the neighborhood, all aspects we serve. So it's just a nice variety for people to have something to choose from.”

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